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EleCare is an Amino Acid based formula that is intended for littles with allergies or intolerance. Thank the Lord for giving us such a thing because I can’t imagine how our life would have been without it!

I have mentioned in my formula post that my little lady had a dairy protein intolerance and even after trying the elimination diet she was still miserable. She failed the hypoallergenic formulas that you can find at Target and your local grocery store so our next option was an amino acid formula. It was exactly what she needed and she became an entirely new baby! Now I am no doctor, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. But after experiencing it first hand I learned so much and wish that I would have had the same knowledge.

Heres the thing, as a first time mom I never even researched Formula because I was set on breastfeeding…..well plans change and I wish I would have been educated in some form on Formula. EleCare is an Amino Acid formula which means there is no milk in it, it is made up of a different stand of amino acids for the proteins which makes it so great for littles with a milk allergy or intolerance. When you have a Hypoallergenic formula such as Alimentum or Nutramigen, there is still a milk protein present, it is just broken down. The way our GI worded it to us was “90% of kids who have a milk sensitivity will do really well on the hypoallergenic formulas (more specifically Alimentum RTF which I will explain below), the other ten percents bodies will still recognize the cow protein even though it is broken down. This may take a few days which is why you may see a slight improvement at first, until the body realizes it is trying to be tricked.”

I wanted to attach a chart that I came across at some point in a mom group that I re-did so you can see the true differences between Hypoallergenic, RTF (Ready to feed- which does not require any water, the formula is simply pour and go), and Amino acid Formulas.

As you can see they are all slightly different, the reason that Alimentum RTF has such a high success rate is because there is no corn, and there is the lowest amount of Casien (cow protein). That is why if your little fails this, it is probably in your best interest to try an Amino Acid formula if you are not seeing any improvement and are not breastfeeding on an elimination diet. Unfortunately, there is no Amino Acid Formula that is corn and soy free they all have one or the other. This can be tricky because a lot of sensitivities or allergies go hand in hand and there is a chance your little may be sensitive to dairy and corn or dairy and soy. So one Amino Acid Formula over the other may be better for you. Luckily, EleCare worked wonders for us and it was the highest recommended by our Pediatric GI and General Pediatrician.

ANOTHER thing no one told me was the cost! Again, I planned to breastfeed so nowhere in my planning did I factor in formula cost…. I thought she would be super cheap the first six months. I could not have been more wrong…. Amino Acid formulas come with a hefty price tag. Always ask your doctor for samples, and they typically have a coupon from the manufacture for your first free case which is 6 cans (if you are getting an Abbott brand formula). After that, you can join formula selling pages on Facebook, check out Ebay, or I always purchased ours off Amazon ( I trusted Amazon as it came directly from a seller and always came in the un-opened manufactures case. Now, in the rare instance the Amazon was out…. I could find it at my local Walmart. But be warned, it is WAY more expensive to buy it here.

We are finally approaching a year and will be making the switch to either a toddler formula or Ripple milk. I could not be more excited to have an extra $300-$400 in the bank each month without the formula cost. But I am so thankful it was an option for us, and I will be so much better prepared when it comes time for baby #2.

Stay tuned for my follow up post on our dairy intolerance and Reflux journey!

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