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Measurement Wall

You guys…. this wall was almost TOO easy and I am absolutely in love with it! Growing up, my grandma was the owner of the home we now own. She always had the end of the wall in the kitchen as a measurement wall, and it did not matter who you were…. when you came over your measurement went up on the wall! When my husband and I purchased the home, the measurement wall was on a wall that we were tearing down to expand the kitchen. We made sure the wall piece was safe and it is currently sitting in the garage. BUT I loved having this wall when we grew up, I think it is such a sweet tradition and I knew I wanted to keep it going with Remi-Roo. The wall we put it on is still in the kitchen and it worked out nicely because we ended the wall with a pre-treated white board. Bonus to this….. IF we ever move again, we can take it with us!

Now, I have a Cricut and could have totally made the measuring vinyl on my own…. but I was being lazy and found the cutest shop on Etsy which I will link at the bottom (it was super affordable too). I kept putting the installation off because I thought it was going to take so much longer. It took me all of thirty minutes and my new measuring wall was complete!

You could do this in any room and on any wall or on any board! I can’t wait to start watching Remi, all her cousins, friends, and future siblings grow on this cozy little wall!

Link for Measurement Vinyl:

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