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As a first time mom there are so many items on the market to consider that it can quickly become overwhelming! I knew before my little lady was born that I wanted a monitoring device to use while she was sleeping. I’m not talking about your typical video or sound monitor…. I wanted one that would alert me if she ever stopped breathing in the middle of the night. And I will tell you, it was the best investment that we have made to this day since bringing her home from the hospital and here’s why:

  1. As a first time mom we are thrown into this role and let’s face it, we have no idea what to do or what to expect. Yes, it’s true that your motherly instincts kick into drive right away…. but that does not mean that we aren’t nervous about EVERYTHING! Having a monitor that tracks your babies movement or their breathing provides such piece of mind! I actually started to get some sleep once we started using the Owlet. It allows you to relax… well a little…. I was no longer going to check on her breathing every fifteen minutes!
  2. Different monitors do different things, I will compare the three that we have tried below. But the one commonality between them is that they will alert you if something is off or wrong.
  3. Not only does it provide security while your baby sleeps, a lot of them provider details about your babies sleeping patterns, such as: quality of sleep, how long they slept, wakings throughout the night and so on.

We have tried four different monitor since our girl was born: The Owlet, , Angel Care, the Miku Video Monitor and most recently the Smart Beat. While all three are slightly different we definitely had a favorite. I wanted to share with you what worked for us and what didn’t, so if you are in the market for this type of monitor take a look below and hopefully it will help you decide! (These are all my own opinions based off our experience, we purchased all three on our own and non of these are sponsored)

TOP PICK!! The Owlet- This device was my saving grace, I fell in love with it after the first night and it worked flawlessly for us up until recently. The only reason we stopped using it is due to the fact that our little lady is a chunk and outgrew the sock at 9 months!


  • It monitors your babies heart rate AND oxygen levels. This was an awesome tool especially when she was sick, I could monitor her so much more closely.
  • It runs off of Wifi BUT it does not have to. What this means is the Owlet comes with a base station and a sock. Your baby wears the sock and you plug in the base station wherever you see fit (ours was on my bedside table). Once the base station is plugged in, it is monitoring your baby and will alert you if anything is wrong. Now, if you are connected to WiFi you can see real time monitoring such as their oxygen and heart rate through their app. This is also where you will find statistics on their sleeping habits. This was my favorite feature because if our WiFi ever went down I knew she was still being monitored. Another plus to this was we would use it in the car on long drives while she was in her carseat.
  • It comes with three different sock sizes as your little one grows.
  • Great battery life, it always made it through a 12 hour night with no issues.
  • Awesome and responsive customer service. There is a live chat feature in the App where you can get immediate assistance.
  • We never had a false alarm!!! We would get yellow alarms when the sock was misplaced on her foot or the batter was running low. But we never got unnecessary alarms.


  • We outgrew the sock sooner than expected. The Owlet is intended for babies who are 0-18 months or up to 25lbs. At 9 months we were at that 25lbs range and the sensor was no longer sitting flush on her foot.
  • As our little lady found her hands she also figured out how to take the sock off in the middle of the night, which would send us an alarm! In the winter when she had on footy pajamas there was no issue, but as soon as summer hit and there was no coverage on the sock it would continuously be taken off by her.
  • The socks do wear down as they are a thinner material.

My second pick which is pretty much a tie with the Owlet is the Smart Beat! Unlike the Owlet, this monitor does not require any warbles and when compared to the Miku which is very similar this camera is so much better!


  • AMAZING video quality, seriously even if it’s not showing you the breaths per minute you can zoom in and see the movement yourself.
  • I very rarely get false alarms with this monitor and when I Do it goes straight to my i-phone as a phone call so I am alerted right away!
  • The App is very user friendly and always works!
  • There is no wearable required and it even picks up on my little lady when she is on her belly which the Miku video monitor would not.
  • AMAZING customer service, seriously they are the friendliest folks I have ever dealt with and they seriously care.
  • It records breaths per minute and notifies you if it does not pick up on movement or if the count is too low or too high.


  • It does occasionally lose connection, but if I just reboot the WiFi it comes right back on.
  • I do have to reset or reboot from time to time because the video does start to lag.

My next pick is the Angel Care Monitoring System. There are multiple models on the market, the one we used was the AC017 which is the most basic model that is also cord free. With this system you must purchase the wood base board (or cut your own) to place it on under the mattress or it will not function correctly.


  • I think the biggest Pro to this system is that it can grow with your little, theoretical it can be used into their early toddler years…. or until they start figuring out how to climb out of bed!
  • The sensor and the base station are battery powered so there is nothing that needs to be plugged in or charged.
  • It has different sensitivity levels
  • The base station has a pause button, so when you have to get your little out of the crib in the middle of the night for a changing or feeding it won’t alarm.
  • It is the most affordable option. We found our set off of Facebook Market Place brand new for $30.


  • To be honest, I actually did not like this monitor at first, which is why I ended up getting the Owlet. I feel like Remi didn’t weigh enough when she was first born, and it did not matter what sensitivity level I had it on- I always got false alarms! Fast Forward to 10 months- I tried it again and it worked so much better this time around.
  • The range between the base stating and the sensor is not super far, I Can’t take it downstairs with me or it won’t register. So it stays on my night stand.
  • There is no monitoring being done such as heart rate or oxygen levels, it is simply picking up on movement.

My final pick is the Miku camera. I wouldn’t really even go as far as saying this is a pick I would recommend…. it is just another monitor that we tried. I had such HIGH hopes for this camera, and it just was not all I was hoping! Once Remi outgrew the Owlet I started searching for our next option, that’s when I came across the Miku. This monitoring system is on its first run and is very new to the market, I have hopes that once they work out some kinks it will be AMAZING!


  • There are no wearables or sensors, the camera picks up on the movement from the babies belly or back. Which is great because you never have to worry about charging anything, or putting anything on your little.
  • The video and sound quality are wonderful.
  • It runs off your smart device, so if you are not home you can check in on your little.
  • Super easy installation, their packaging is well above the standard! They even include a screwdriver, level and measuring tape.
  • Camera is very modern looking.
  • It monitors their heart beats per minute and picks up on their sleep habits. What I liked about this feature is it gave each night of sleep or nap a quality rating.


  • The Camera runs off of WiFi only, there is no backup if this goes down. And ours went down ALL the time! We ran speed tests and turned off every WiFi device and it still lost connection multiple times a night. When it lost connection not only did it stop monitoring but I wouldn’t hear Remi if she woke up in the middle of the night.
  • The false alarms were on another level. Because Remi is a belly sleeper it could not pick up on her movement 90% of the time. So I ended up turning off the alarm function all together. I contacted them on this issue, I sent in videos and customer service said they were looking into the issue but had no resolution at this time. I just don’t think they had all the kinks figured out for every sleeping position just yet.
  • It drained my phone battery like CRAZY!
  • The app did not always work, it would just sit on a loading screen. Which also meant I had no monitoring capabilities.
  • It has the highest price tag at $399.

To wrap it up…I HIGHLY recommend a monitoring system of some type. I would not recommend the Miku at the moment, as I mentioned earlier, I hope that some of the hiccups get worked out and I would totally try it again! As technology keeps growing I’m sure there will be something even better on the market in the years to come and I am all for it!

Here are links if you are in the market to purchase! As always, if you have any questions on any of the monitors let me know!


Smart Beat:

Angel Care:


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